Stutz Blackhawk by „Cameron“

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  • very competitive racing car with lots of fun to drive
  • eligible for historic race events as well as registered for public roads
  • extraordinary and interesting history
  • Impressive design




The Stutz Blackhawk by „Cameron“

The engineer and Canadian racing driver of the Stutz "Blackhawk" presented here, Mr. Cameron, returned after the Second World War from Europe to Canada, where he had served as a soldier in the army.His beloved "Blackhawk" came back to daylight and removing the Düsenberg engine he installed an original Stutz 8-cylinder in line engine.

Details I

At the end of the 80s, the English racing driver John Guyatt finally became aware of the car and bought it unseen.
Guyatt decided to copy the body of the famous Duesenberg racing car. It was the first American racing car which sensationally won a European race – the French Grand Prix – in 1921. He boosted the power of the engine by reconstructing the cylinder head and installing high compression pistons along with a sharper camshaft from 95 to 150 hp. By shortening the rear leaf springs the car’s road holding was vastly improved and from then on, he took successfully part in various British racing events organized by the VSSC. The abbreviation VSCC stands for “Vintage Sports-Car Club“, which holds many historic races in Great Britain.

Details II

Another VSCC friend of Guyatt bought his car later, who improved the engine again by installing crankshaft plain bearings and Carillo connectiong rods. The car’s velocity still easily reaches a speed of over 200 km/h! today and displays its elemental power in classic car competitions. Later added wings and a roadworthy electrical system led to a road approval and the roaring sound of the engine can be heard from far away.

Details III

Until the Ford GT 40 became the winner at Le Mans in 1966, Stutz had been the only American company to successfully contest important races in this most important racing event. The car I would like to present to you today has had an eventful life. In 1927, the Canadian racer Cameron ordered a chassis of the type " Blackhawk" from Stutz, shortened it and installed a 7l jet mountain engine. His performance model was the SSK Mercedes car. He competed in many racing events with this car with great success and in the future the car went down in American racing history as the " Stutzenberg".

What makes this Stutz Blackhawk „Cameron“ so special?
— That it has the admission to many international historic races
— That it is also suitable as a rally car
— That it is an icon of American and English racing history
— That it has an exciting body design in the style of the famous racing car from Duesenberg
— That it can be purchased at a very attractive price
— That you can share your driving pleasure (2-Seater)
— That it is a unique piece

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Data & Facts

First Registration1926

Engine8-cylinder in-line engine, overhead camshaft

Transmissionmanual, 3-gear



Powerabout 5000 ccm, approx. 170 hp

BrakesDrum brakes, hydraulic

Top Speedapprox. 200 km/h

Price295.000,00€ (§25a, VAT not to be shown)

DocumentsEnglish registration, TÜV-certificate

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