Bentley Blower 4 1/2 Liter Le Mans Open Tourer

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  • Prototype of the only 50 "Blower Bentleys" built for the road
  • Complete chassis „matching numbers“ except for the manual transmission (from another blower)
  • Original bodywork from 1929 still available and can be purchased if necessary = enormous potential for value increase



The Bentley Blower 4 1/2 Liter Le Mans Open Tourer

It was the racing enthusiast "Gentleman Driver" Woolf Barnato who pushed Walter Owen Bentley to develop and build fifty "4 ½ liter Supercharged" because the racing homologation regulations of the time required at least 50 units. As heir to a fortune based on South African diamond and gold mines, Barnato had initially prevented the bankruptcy of Bentley Motors Ltd. by means of a cash injection, whose sales in 1925 had fallen to a meagre 304 chassis.

Detail I

In 1926, Barnato became the company's main shareholder and chairman of the board. Although he provided several guarantees and injected additional capital in the following years, Bentley was finally taken over by Rolls-Royce in 1931. This was the end of one of the most fascinating chapters in British automobile and racing history. Its chassis no. SM 3903 would suppose that it was the third "4 ½ Litre Supercharged" Bentley. In fact, however, it is the first "Blower Bentley" to be built in series, i.e. a prototype, as it still has, among other things, the same frame head and shock absorbers as the factory racing cars. On October 17, 1929 our Bentley was exhibited at the London Olympia Motor Show - as the world premiere for those legendary compressor Bentleys.

Detail II

Compared with Bentley's huge 6½ l in-line six-cylinder engine, the 4½ l four-cylinder engine was lighter and therefore more agile, but thanks to the compressor it developed almost the same power: over 180 hp! Due to this fact - and along with a lightweight Le Mans body - the "Blower" achieved performance levels which, measured by the standards of its time, exceeded even what would be called a "super sports car" in todays terms.


Detail III

What makes this Bentley 4½ Litre Supercharged so special?

  • That he was the first "Blower" to be built in series after the factory racing cars.
  • That it is one of the most original "Blowers" that exist worldwide.
  • That its original body still exists.
  • That its history is well documented.
  • That Bentley was one of the few manufacturers, alongside Bugatti or Mercedes-Benz, that also built street versions of the racing compressor.
  • That a "Blower" is by far the most exclusive and valuable model from "W.O. Bentley".
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Data & Facts

First Registration1930

EngineFour-cylinder in-line engine, OHC, four-valve technology, dual ignition (Bosch), two carburetors SU HVG5 before twin-rotor compressor Amherst Villers Mk. IV (System Roots)

Transmissionmanual, 4-speed, side shift

Weightapprox. 2.050 kg

Quantity50 cars

Power4.398 cc / approx. 182 hp

Brakesdrum, hydraulic

Top Speedapprox. 120 mph

Priceupon request (VAT not to be shown)

DocumentsExpertise Claire Hay of 2013, English admission, contemporary service documents, press releases and photos, correspondence and invoices

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