Avions Voisin C11 Open Torpedo

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  • Wonderfully preserved original condition (1st paint + 1st interior)
  • Over 72 years in single ownership!
  • Unique car from Belvalette & Cie.
  • A real eye catcher


The Avions Voisin C11 Open Torpedo

Immediately after the First World War, Gabriel Voisin, who until then had been extremely successful in aircraft construction, acquired the construction plans of a car from a certain Ernest Artault through the mediation of his friend André Citroën. On the basis of these construction drawings, four prototypes had already been created.

Details I

Voisin, very impressed by the construction of the car, acquired the plans as well as the four vehicles and later refined the technology with, among other things, a four-wheel brake and a preselector gearbox.In addition to studying mechanical engineering, Voisin also completed a complete course of study in architecture. The latter distinguished itself in the design of the vehicles through an avant-garde sense of form. Voisin cars are still considered the most exotic classic cars in this respect.


Details II

He equipped his great cars of the thirties with V8 and V12 engines and soon became the epitome of luxury. Many famous personalities from the world of art (e.g. Josephine Baker, Maurice Chevalier, HG Wells, Rudolph Valentino) and the world of finance (Rothschild, Vanderbilt) were among his customers.

Details III

The French manufacturer Joseph Christe, one of the pioneers of pressure lubrication for vehicles in Europe, ordered the Avion-Voisin Type C11 in April 1926 with an open-tourer body from the French body manufacturer Belvalette & Cie. It remained in family possession for an incredible 72 years, beautiful photographs from the 1930s show the family in the vehicle on the Côte d'Azur.Only in 1999 it was separated from the family and the second owner presented him on invitation in 2006 at Pebble Beach in the Preservation Class (class of the best preserved vintage cars), where he received great admiration for the almost 100 years old paintwork and the original interior. The C11 model is Voisin's first 6 cylinder sleeve valve engine and for its smooth running and reliability it quickly became a sought after car not only in France but all over the world.



Details IV

What makes this Avions Voisin C11 torpedo so special?

  • that it is in the original paint.
  • that it had only two owners in 90 years.
  • that it is a unique piece.
  • that it is an enrichment for every exclusive collection which is interested in vehicles in excellent original condition.
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Data & Facts

First Registration1927

Engine6-cylinder in-line engine

Transmissionmanual, 4-gear, central circuit


Quantityunique piece

Power2.327 ccm, approx. 65 hp

BrakesDrum brakes

Top Speedapprox. 120 kph

Price395.000€ (§25a, VAT not to be shown)


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