Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS Ghia Special

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  • Photo-documented, high-quality complete restoration in Germany
  • Original matching numbers
  • Mille Miglia ready
  • Exclusive, Italian handwork 

The Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS

The Alfa Romeo 1900 was the first car newly developed by Alfa after the war and also the first model with a self-supporting body. In October 1950, the car was presented to the world public in Paris - initially with an 80 hp four-cylinder engine. In 1954, the engine was further developed with overhead camshafts and from then on, in the Super Sprint (SS) version with two Solex Fallstrom Doppler carburettors, it produced around 115 sporty hp. For the various independent coachbuilders active at the time (Touring, Bertone, Zagato, Pininfarina, Ghia), Alfa Romeo built a chassis-only version with a shortened wheelbase. This explains the "C" - Italian for corto - short. This resulted in a wide variety of bodies for the 1900 C, which are still in great demand today due to their individuality, craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Details I

The Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS Ghia Giovanni Savonuzzi. Savonuzzi, with a technical degree from the Polictecnico di Torino, was initially involved in aviation in his career before entering the automotive field in the early 1950s. There are only ten of these exceptional vehicles known in the world that have more or less survived. The various examples are only superficially alike and differ in numerous details - which makes each one unique!

Details II

The car presented here was delivered in Italy and registered in Milan. From 1960 to 1998, the Alfa had the same owner, who took the car with him when he moved within Italy and had the registration changed. Since the 1990s, the car has been in an Italian collection. The history of the car can be traced very well on the copy of the "Certificato Cronologico" of the Italian registration authority. In 2007, the Alfa was sold to Germany, where it was completely restored for several years starting in 2008 at a cost of well over six figures. This involved starting from a very good condition and carrying out a comprehensive restoration to ultimately achieve an excellent condition. The car has been completed since 2015/16 and presents itself visually as well as technically in excellent condition!

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Data & Facts

First Registration1954

Engine4-cylinder in-line engine

Transmissionmanual, 5-gear

Weight1.100 kg

QuantityOne-off (approx. 10 models from Ghia)

Power1.993 ccm, approx. 115 hp

Brakesdrum brakes

Top Speedapprox. 180 kph

Priceon request (§25a, VAT not to be shown)

DocumentsPhoto documentation of the restoration, Certificato Cronologico, German vehicle documents, valuation report

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