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Marketing your collector vehicle

Through our international trade in exceptional automobiles for over more than four decades, we have built up a worldwide customer base. With our international network and extensive experience, we can professionally realise the sale of your vehicle. 

In addition to trading in selected rarities, we also focus on marketing complete collections - individually or en bloc. We support you in all essential questions - from assessing the value of your vehicles to tax optimisation possibilities.

With this promise, we have maintained a relationship with our customers based on trust for decades. In addition, we will also be delighted to support you in your sales intentions in the event of an inheritance.  

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Buy a classic car

Vehicle search and building a collection

We can support you with enthusiasm in making your dream vehicle a reality. Our expert judgement of originality and history coupled with a sound valuation will be highly beneficial in the search for your dream car. We have the means to provide our customers with access to vehicles that are not officially on offer on the market.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a single vehicle or aiming to build or expand a collection, we will provide you with professional support in your project.

If you are considering any changes to your vehicle collection, we can also offer you the option of accepting your vehicle as payment or exchanging it for another car in our portfolio.

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Financing classic cars

Financing options

In selling a collector vehicle, financial topics often play a not inconsiderable role. We can advise you with regard to leasing options and all the variants of vehicle financing. In doing so, we work with dependable partners for the particular business area and support you in all the required steps. Equally, taxation aspects can be taken into account individually for your purchase.

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Your benefits at a glance


Successfully operating in international trade for over four decades has made us one of the best-known and most significant players in the market. Use this to your advantage!


History, originality and documentation are major value-adding criteria for a classic car. We can provide you with the corresponding information and thoroughly check each car – at request also with market-recognised experts.


In our global network with many long-standing business relationships, we will find the right car for you, the right buyer or even a suitable financial service provider for your car – we can help you get in contact with the right people.


Valuable items like your collector vehicle require special care in transport– we can find you reliable partners that will ensure that your classic car remains in perfect condition – even across national borders.


In all matters relating to your collector vehicle, we treat your information with absolute discretion at all times – with a view to a long-lasting and sustainable partnership.

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We look forward to supporting you in meeting your needs. We can either help you in finding your new dream car or support you in the marketing of your vehicle. We look forward to hearing from you!